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  Recently vintage and antique jeweler has exploded in popularity. Demand for antique engagement rings, antique wedding bands, and other antique diamond jewelry has skyrocketed! Because of this new demand, Cook County Buyers is aggressively purchasing fine quality antique and vintage jewelry.

The most valuable antique jewelry will be platinum art deco rings with open filigree design work. Often these rings will also contain small sapphires, rubies, or Side stones. Larger center diamond pieces can be worth thousands of dollars!

The older the piece, the higher the value will be. Antique pieces are 100 years or older. So any piece made in the early 1900’s is now considered antique.

Newer pieces made from the 1930’s to the 1960’s are still somewhat valuable when compared to modern diamond rings. These pieces are considered vintage. Vintage diamond engagement rings can be worth thousands of dollars if they contain a larger center diamond.

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Another factor that will affect the value of vintage and antique jewelry is simply how pretty it is. Some antique rings are common designs that are still valuable. However, if your antique or vintage ring is unique with a rare and desirable design, you can expect to receive an even higher premium! We also buy vintage and antique pendants, earrings, bracelets and even pins and brooches.

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