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Selling Estate Jewelry Collections

  If you have an entire collection of estate jewelry to sell, we will make the process easy, and pay you the most for each item within your collection. You’ve either inherited estate jewelry from a loved one, or you are trying to downsize your own collection of jewelry. Either way, when you decide to work with Mike, the process will be easy, educational, and you will get more for your items. Mike will take the time to sort through your entire estate jewelry collection and give you cash offers for each item of value.

“I don’t just give prices and leave you wondering if it’s fair. I will explain how I figure the value of each item too. By the end of our meeting you will be educated on the value of fine estate jewelry, I promise! Mike @ CCB

~ Sorting the Good Stuff from the rest

~ Guaranteed Value in gold and platinum

~ The Better Pieces are worth much more

~ Upfront pricing, no pressure, superior selling experience

~ How to sell your estate jewelry?

As a Chicago based Estate Jewelry Collections' Buyer, I'm looking for genuine Jewelry Collections from brands like; Breitling, Cartier, Chanel, David Webb, David Yurman, Fope, Fred Paris, Georg Jensen, Graff, Ilias Lalaounis, Ippolita, John Hardy, Lagos, Levian, Mikimoto, Piaget, Roberto Coin, Rolex, Scott Kay, Simon G., Tacori, Tiffany & Co., and Van Cleef & Arpels.

Cook County Buyers purchase only the best and most complete jewelry collections and will pay the most to obtain these unique jewelry pieces! If you want to sell Jewelry Collections for the most cash, give me a call today!

Sorting the Good Stuff from the Rest

 Is your jewley only costume?

  Often, estate jewelry will be a mix of fine jewelry, and costume jewelry. If you are not knowledgeable on jewelry, it will be very difficult to distinguish the fine jewelry made of gold or platinum with diamonds and gemstones, from costume jewelry crafted from base metals and rhinestones. As long as you know there are some fine jewelry pieces in your collection, then give us a call, send a few pictures, and we will start the process with a rough estimate of value before even meeting!


Guaranteed Value in gold and platinum

 I pay at least 75% to 90%

  All gold and or platinum jewelry automatically has value, just from the inherent value of the metal alone. If the item is an outdated style, or damaged it will be purchased for the gold value alone which is always paid at least 75% of the full market value, and even higher for larger quantities. Gold and silver coins and bars will also be purchased for the value of them metal, and we always pay at least 90% of coins and bars full market value!


The Better Pieces are worth much more

 Tiffany & Co., Cartier, David Yurman, Bulgari, Mikimoto

  Better pieces of jewelry with diamonds, or fine gemstones will always be priced higher than just the value of the gold or platinum. That is where the big difference comes in when you sell your estate jewelry to Cook County Buyers. We work with many different dealers across the country and have a network of the best buyers for each category. For example, we know a dealer who loves animal jewelry. Therefore, if you have a gorgeous dog pin, we will pay you OVER the gold value because we know we can sell it to him for even a little bit higher.

We also pay very strong for larger nice quality diamonds, and vintage and antique rings and jewelry. And we pay the most for fine designer jewelry from makers like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, David Yurman, Bulgari, Mikimoto and many others.

“If you have better items in your estate jewelry collection I assure you I will pay the most for these items. Don’t take your fine estate jewelry and diamonds to a regular gold buyer, pawnshop, retail jewelry store, or inferior estate jewelry buyer. Reach out to me now with some photos and info and I will start giving you rough estimates via text, email or over the phone!” Mike @ CCB


Upfront pricing, no pressure, superior selling experience

 A final word from Mike

  Since I believe in educating my clients and 100% transparency, I insist on giving you some real numbers to work with before we ever meet. This ensures that you are comfortable with what values to expect, and you are ready to sell when we meet. Also, this eliminates the possibility of ever feeling pressured to sell. You will already know a rough value to expect and when you feel comfortable and ready, we can schedule a private meeting at my office, or your bank vault or other location of choice.

Please look up Cook County Buyers on Google, Yelp, BBB (A+ Accredited business with 0 complaints ever) and Facebook and take some time to read all the reviews from my previous clients. I am very proud of what they have to say. Since 2011 I have always made it my priority to offer a better selling experience to my clients. I keep my overhead expenses very low so I can pay you more for your estate jewelry. I meet only by appointment for privacy and one on one attention. I always give estimates first when possible to eliminate surprises, and I always give you realistic estimates, not super high numbers just to try and get a meeting with you. Contact me today and let me earn your business.