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Chicago Silver Jewelry Buyer

Selling Estate Silver Jewelry

  Cook County Buyers is always buying sterling silver including sterling flatware sets, sterling silver tea pots and sterling silver candlesticks, sterling trays, sterling cups and dishes, basically anything marked “sterling silver” or “925”. These marks indicate that your silver item is real silver.

  We are also interested in buying your pure silver coins bars and bullion, and we always pay at least 90% of the full market value for these items. Feel free to send us pictures of your items and we will reply with a rough estimate of value and then schedule an appointment to sell your silver items.

Sell Sterling Silver Flatware

 We buy Flatware

  We buy any genuine sterling silver flatware, teapots, bowls, dishes, serving trays etc. As long as your sterling item is marked “Sterling” or “925” for items produced in the USA. To learn about non-US sterling items value click here. For more details on determining if your silver is real, click here. Most of the sterling silver flatware, teapots, dishes etc will be simply worth their weight in silver. Unless you have a rare collectible flatware pattern, or a maker such as Tiffany & Co. or Cartier, you can expect to receive the silver value only.

The value of your sterling items is calculated by checking the current “Spot” price of sterling silver, and multiplying by .925 because sterling silver is only 92.5% pure. For example, with silver at $16 per ounce, sterling’s full melt value is $14.80 per ounce. We pay at 75% of melt value and higher for larger quantities, so $11.10 per ounce is the least you can expect to receive. If you can weigh your items, you can determine exactly how much we would pay for your sterling pieces before even meeting! Keep in mind the difference between troy and standard ounces. Also note that some items are weighted, and will be worth only 10% of their weight. You can read about weighted silver here.

We are confident that we can pay you the most for your sterling silver items, especially if you have a large collection to sell. Feel free to text some pictures of your sterling flatware and other sterling items for sale, and we can help you to figure out an approximate estimate of value.


Sell Silver Coins

 We buy Silver Coins

  Estate jewelry collections will often include silver coins and bullion as well. We are strong buyers of all silver coins and bullion and always pay at least 90% of the market value. We are always buying both modern and antique silver coins including Silver American Eagles, Silver Canadian Maples, Austrian Philharmonics, Chinese silver Pandas, silver Morgan and Peace dollars, and silver “junk” 90% coinage.

“Junk” 90% silver is silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars that were produced prior to 1965. These coins are made of 90% silver, and trade for a premium over face value. For example, with the current market price of silver at $16/ounce, we would pay you nearly $9 for each dollar worth of 90% silver coins you have! If you inherited a big pile of old silver dimes quarters or half dollars, they could be worth thousands. Just count how many dollars you have and multiply by $9 to determine the value (with silver price at $16/ounce).

Silver bullion that we purchase includes any silver bars from one ounce, to one hundred ounce bars. Popular brands of bars/bullion that we purchase include Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, Pamp Suisse, Perth Mint, Sunshine Mint, Apmex and others. These brands are the most commonly seen ones, but we are interested in buying any authentic .999 silver bars or bullion. We always pay at least 90% of current market value for silver bullion.

These are the most popular silver coins and bars that we see; however we are interested in all silver coins and bullion so feel free to show us what you have via text message for a free quote!