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Mike Jacobson
Cook County Buyers Inc.

My Long-term Jewelry Experience

I’ve been working in the jewelry industry for 22 years, and I understand it from every angle.

I started in my uncle’s pawn shop when I was only 13 years old, cleaning and refurbishing gold and diamond jewelry.

● During high school and college, I worked for Rogers & Hollands Jewelers, and was one of the top sales people out of over 70 stores throughout the Midwest.

● After graduating from UIC with a bachelors of business, I went on to manage several different locations and overall have spent a total of 10 years working in the retail jewelry industry.

What this experience means for you, is that I am able to be compassionate with my clients. I know firsthand what you paid for your jewelry at the retail store. Not many buyers can say that!

In 2011, I started Cook County Buyers Inc., and have been buying gold, diamonds, and designer jewelry ever since.

Another advantage to selling gold and diamonds to Cook County Buyer, Inc. - You get to work one on one directly with me, and I will explain what your item is worth and guide you through the process without any rush or pressure. Rarely is a seller given an opportunity to sit with a knowledgeable buyer and have all of her questions answered and her items evaluated right in front of her, ending with cash in hand payment.

My policy has always been upfront honesty and transparency - You can call Cook County Buyers and describe the item you want to sell and receive an approximate price quote right over the phone. Usually, sellers are merely told to come in for a price quote. The problem is, no one really has time to drive from dealer to dealer looking for the best deal. Mike understands this and is willing to discuss over the phone and try to give you an idea of your item's value.

Call or text now for an instant quote over the phone!
Mike Jacobson
(773) 490-9828


Selling your estate jewelry from around the country?

 Mail in Jewelry

Cook County Buyers private office is located in Northbrook IL, however I have sellers from all over the country. If you decide you want to sell your items after receiving a rough estimate of value from me, I will email you a prepaid fully insured Fedex label. You simply print that label, pack your items up securely, and take them to the nearest Fedex facility with the label and your items will safely ship to me.

Once received and inspected, I will contact you within 24 hours with an exact offer amount. If you accept, you will receive an Echeck in your email the same day! Or you can choose to receive Paypal or a check in the mail. If you are not satisfied with the offer the item will promptly be returned back to you again fully insured.

Since I cover the cost of shipping both ways and fully insure the packages, there is no risk for you at all to receive the best offer for your estate jewelry.

If you are not yet comfortable shipping your valuable items to me, please take some time to read about Cook County Buyers. We are a fully accredited business with the BBB and have an A+ rating with zero complaints for the entire time we have been in business. Also read all the 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. I would never risk my reputation in any way. I assure your satisfaction with our transaction 100%. Also feel free to call me to talk about the process and any concerns you may have, here is my personal cell phone number (773) 490-9828

What if I decide not to sell?

 Free Instant Quotes Before Meeting

The reason Mike always gives free rough estimates first is so you are ready to sell when you meet. If you are not yet ready to sell after hearing the rough estimate, it is advised that you get a couple other estimates first to get a feel for the market value of your items. After you have done that, contact Mike again and let him know what cash offers you have received. Mike is almost always able to beat other buyers’ offers!

However, if you merely want to learn the value of your items and are not yet ready to sell, consider using Cook County Buyers Verbal Appraisal Service.