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How Does the Process Work?

 Contact Mike for a Free Quote & Appointment

First, you should contact Mike with a few pictures of your estate jewelry for sale, along with any paperwork you may have or any other useful information.

Estate Silver buyer

With this information, Mike will respond (usually within the hour or even faster) with a rough estimate of value. If you are comfortable with the valuation, you will go on to set up a meeting.

You will meet with owner Mike Jacobson for a one on one private scheduled appointment at a time and date of your choosing. A private office is available in Northbrook IL, or if preferred, Mike can come to your home, bank vault, or office.

The process is easy; Mike will sit with you and sort through the entire collection. Prices can be given for each item if desired, or a simple total can be calculated for your whole estate jewelry collection.

How will I be paid?

 Instantly By Cash, or Check for Large Dollar Amounts

Mike will pay you cash or check right on the spot for your estate jewelry and collection. For more substantial amounts over a couple thousand, a check is written for safety reasons. Or for a considerable number of pieces, Mike can meet you at his bank to have a cashier’s check prepared for you.

What if I decide not to sell?

 Free Instant Quotes Before Meeting

The reason Mike always gives free rough estimates first is so you are ready to sell when you meet. If you are not yet ready to sell after hearing the rough estimate, it is advised that you get a couple other estimates first to get a feel for the market value of your items. After you have done that, contact Mike again and let him know what cash offers you have received. Mike is almost always able to beat other buyers’ offers!

However, if you merely want to learn the value of your items and are not yet ready to sell, consider using Cook County Buyers Verbal Appraisal Service.